Call for applications is open to join the Nov-18 Session

On the 2nd of October we have launched the first incubator in the world dedicated to new market Blue Ocean creations: the Blue Ocean STARTER

The blue Ocean STARTER is funded on proven Innovation process & methodologies (video in French)

Projects built from first session will be pitched in exclusivity at the 4th Blue Ocean Awards on the 20th of December, taking place at the French Ministry for Economy

Download the presentation book of this new generation incubator

To be a candidate of the Blue Ocean STARTER: you just have to send your profile (LinkedIn or CV) to or through our candidate form

Change the game rules!

The first incubator in the world dedicated to the creation of Blue Ocean new markets

Use Innovation methodologies

Be trained and coached to use the best Innovation tools & methodologies

In only 4 months

Reach in 4 months the results an entrepreneur usually gets in 2 years

Who are you?

What are my achievements in 4 months?

I test my team efficiency with other program members during workshops. A team building coach supports me to understand how I interact with my team members. After almost 2 months, I am ready to choose my team members within the program members.

The program starts with a deep understanding of the competitive offers proposed on my industry. Then we conduct a 3 week exploration to interview almost 40 consumers and non-consumers of my industry.

Each steps of the process to get a new divergent “Blue Ocean” offer are followed, supported by expert trainers & coaches.

Coach experts in business management and in fundraising support you to identify your Business Model and build their related Business Plan.

15 days of immersive fast prototyping in the Hacker Houses (thanks to our partner Seed-Up) to get an operational prototype of your Blue Ocean offer

After offer is built and has its prototype, a market validation is followed by the program members to get feedback of their first clients. This phase can be through a crowdfunding campaign on the platform of your partner Wiseed.

The selection jury to join the Blue Ocean STARTER is made of investors: Business Angels, Venture Capitals, investment funds, corporate funds, public funds, etc. As a consequence, you are directly selected by your potential future investors. So investors will follow your project during all the program and you will have investor presentations with them to fund your new company.

The Blue Ocean STARTER is part of the worldwide Blue Ocean Strategy network. It is integrated to Blue Ocean Awards, the annual event dedicated to market creation. All the projects built at the Blue Ocean STARTER will be pitched in front of journalists and international investors at the French Ministry for Economy, during the Blue Ocean Awards. Projects will get high international visibility through this prestigious event.

The Blue Ocean STARTER is very close to the business school & Alumni HEC Paris, co-founder of the Blue Ocean Awards in 2014.

Terms & Conditions

Full time.. and even more

Blue Ocean STARTER is a full time program (and more) making you able to reach in 4 months the achievements an entrepreneur usually has in 2 years

€12,500 (excluding tax)

The full program costs €12,500 (excluding tax) per person

The team


Alban ERAL

Co-Founder & Program Director
#Blue Ocean Strategy #Open Innovation #Entrepreneurship

Thierry Gilmaire

Co-Founder & Program Director
#Business Plan #Entrepreneurship #Team Building

Patrick Escande

Digital Director
#Digital #Entrepreneur

Damien Cuoq

#Fast Prototyping #Coaching

Matthieu Garde-Lebreton

Trainer & Coach
#Lean Startup #Entrepreneurship #Digital

Thomas Rigaudeau

Public Funding
#Entrepreneurship #Coaching

Louise Chopinet

#Wiseed #Crowdfunding Campaign

Romain Lavielle

#Digital #HEC Paris #Coaching

Vincent Richard

# Business Plan #Entrepreneurship #Lean Startup

Nicolas Bignier

#Team Building #Coaching

Where are we located?

Blue Ocean STARTER 11 rue Tronchet, Paris 8 Metro station: Madeleine